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The grading scale used by the PRIVIET.FR shop is based on the International Standard. It has been used by the KONROS and BITKIN russian coins grading catalogs.

The international grading scale defines among others the following grades:

- UNC / Uncirculated
- EF ou XF / Extremely Fine
- VF / Very Fine
- F / Fine

A price is given for each coin type of the KONROS catalog for 3 or 4 grades. For each coin of a type, the price for the VF grade is given.
For example, the Nicholas II gold five rubles shows the prices in dollars for the states VF, XF and UNC. For each vintage, this is the VF price that is recorded.


If the international grading system is strong enough for everyday, the Dr. William H. Sheldon scale, simplified to be used by PRIVIET.EU, allows to use descriptions and numeric states for the coins. This scale offers a more accurate grading. The purpose of the "standard method" is to determine a grade for a coin on a simplified scale, whereas the "advanced method" gives a detailed scale only for an uncirculated coin. In both methods and after the grading step, the coin is closed in a safe holder.

The coins waiting for a grade are temporarily stored in mylar flips, the same flips used by a lot of american museums to long time safe archived their coins. Furthermore, this flips avoids the risk to scratch the coins when they are inserted into or removed from the flip.

The coins and the associated informations are protected in safe holders. Any attempt to breach the security system will void the classification associated with the coin.

PRIVIET.EU uses some values of the Sheldon scale, without going below the F-12 grade. Below this grade, we consider that, except in some cases, the coin value is only based on its metal value.
The standard method is used to find the suitable grade for the coin before sealing it. It is proposed directly or as an option on some coins of the PRIVIET.FR online shop.


- MS-70 / Coin in perfect new condition
- MS-65 / Coin in an above average Uncirculated coin
- MS-60 / Coin without trace of wear
- AU-58 / Coin virtually uncirculated
- AU-55 / Coin having a trace of wear on only the highest points of the design
- AU-50 / Coin with sharp legends
- EF-45 / Coin with light overall wear on the high points
- EF-40 / Coin with lightly worn design throughout
- VF-30 / Coin with light wear on the surface
- VF-20 / Coin with clearly readable but lightly worn legends
- F-12 / Coin with moderate to considerable even wear throughout

The sign "+" might also be included if a coin is better than the minimum grade requirements but does not satisfy the criteria for the next higher grade (for example, MS-60+).

Nicholas II

After confirming that the coin is in Mint State condition and not Almost Uncirculated (A.U.), the advanced method focuses on determining the grade for uncirculated coins (Mint State), taking into account all grades from MS-60 to MS-70.

The analysis of the uncirculated grades requires a particular methodology. It takes into account factors such as surface preservation, strike quality, lustre and eye-appeal.

Additional information can also be specified: the rarity index using the universal rarity scale, the interest factor and the liquidity factor, according to the informations in our possession.
The universal rarity scale (URS) applies a simple mathematical progression based on the minted quantities.
Using a scale of 1 to 5, the interest factor is a term used to indicate just how much demand a particular coin or variety might have.
Using a scale of 1 to 5, the liquidity factor is a measure to indicate how quickly or how easily a coin or variety should sell at auction, given normal market conditions.